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Junior Fixtures

Junior Club Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct

“At Carton House Golf Club, we are committed to both the enjoyment and safety of our Junior members.

In our continued efforts to grow a strong, vibrant and safe environment for our children, we are implementing GUI/ILGU guidance in full.

Therefore, we are keen that all Parents of Juniors and Juniors members read and understand our policies with regard to safeguarding, bullying, etc. For Parents of younger members, please explain to them the Junior Code of Conduct, which is attached below.

For those Parents or supporters of the Junior section, I refer you to the Leaders Code of Conduct (attached below) which needs to be completed and left with the pro shop for the attention of Judith Whelan or Colin Cunningham.

We want to thank everyone for their support and efforts with our Junior Club. We hope you understand the need to put in place these procedures for the protection of both the kids and the leaders.

Our Designated Liaison Person (DLP) is Triona Murphy and Club Children’s Officer (CCO) is David Gantly. The Junior Convenors are Judith Whelan and Colin Cunningham.

We look forward to an enjoyable, exciting and safe 2018 for all our Junior Members.

Thank you, The Junior Committee.”

LadderTransition for all Juniors - Carton House

Junior Ladder Transition

Tee Box No Holes Scoring Level

Level 1 150 yds 5 33 shots or less
Level 2 . 150 yds 9 60 shots or less
Level 3 . 200 yds . 9 55 shots or less
Level 4 . Reds . 9 60 shots or less
Level 5 . Reds . 18 105 shots or less
Level 6 . Green 18 105 shots or less
Level 7 White . 18

Level 1,2 and 3 golfers can place everywhere, can have amax. of 4 puts per hole and max. score of 10 shots at each hole. Level 1 players do not play bunkers, ie drop out to the side , no penalty. Level 2 and 3 players can lift out of bunker after 2 attempts, ie max. 2 shots from bunker. Level 4 upwards , rules of golf apply. Cards must be marked in competition or signed by an adult

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