Ladies Competition Results 2020

Ladies 18H Stb O'Meara

7th/11th March, 2020 Non-Qualifying

1st Siobhan Plunket (17) 38 pts
2nd Sinead Keane (4) 34 pts
3rd Anne Crofton (16) 33 pts

Ladies Spring League Winners 2020

Congratulations to both our individual and team winners of the league

Individual Winner: Marian DeBhulbh

Team winners: Alice, Siobhan, Nora, Mary McG and Julie

Ladies Spring League week.9 -11h Monty

Sat 29th Feb & Wed 4th March 2020

1st Carmel Boucher 29(18) 24 pts c/b
2nd Pauline O’Reilly 24 (15) 24 pts
3rd Siobhan Plunkett 17 (10) 23 pts

D/H applied
23 played NQ Par 44 CSS n/a

Ladies Spring League week.8 -12h O’Meara

Sat 22nd, Sun 23rd & Wed 26th Feb.2020

1st Ciara Greenwood 15 (10) 25 pts
2nd Ros McCarthy 17 (11) 23 pts c/b
3rd Lucy Donegan 16 (11) 21 pts c/b

D/H applied
22 played NQ Par 51 CSS n/a

Ladies Spring League week.7 -12h O’Meara

Wed 19th Feb. 2020

12h Singles Stfd. O’Meara

1st Philippa Lynch 11 (7) 25 pts

5 played NQ Par 51 CSS n/a
No Saturday players

Ladies Spring League week.6 -12h O’Meara

Sat 8th & Wed 12th Feb. 2020

1st Nora Dowley 28(19) 24pts*
2nd Anne Crofton 16(11) 22pts* c/b
3rd Mary McGaver 26 (17) 22pts c/b

• Both 1st and 2nd plyers had D/H applied before placings made
19 played NQ Par 51 CSS n/a

Ladies Spring League week.5 -11h Monty

Sat.1st & Wed 5th Feb. 2020

1st Niamh Wallace 23(14) 21pts
2nd Sheelagh Griffin 26 (16) 20pts c/b
3rd Anne Crofton 20 (10) 20pts

31 played CSS 44 N/Q

Ladies Spring League week.4 -12h O’Meara

Sat 25th & Wed 29th Jan. 2020

1st Margaret O’Loughlin (22/15adj) 23pts c/b
2nd Siobhan Plunkett (17/11adj) 23pts c/b
3rd Emer Sherlock (35/23adj) 23pts

Domestic h/c applied which affected placing of player with highest score

36 played NQ Par 51 CSS n/a

Ladies Spring League week.3 -11h Monty

Wed 22st Jan 2020

1st Xhemi Rama (6/4adj) 20pts
2nd Deb Cartwright (33/20adj) 19pts
3rd Lesley Doyle (34/21adj) 18pts

25 played: Par 44 CSS N/A

Ladies Spring League week.2 -12h O’Meara

Sat 11th; Sun 12th & 1Wed 5th Jan 2020

1st Nora Dowley (28/19ad) 22 pts
2nd Ciara Greenwood (15/10adj) 21 pts c/b
3rd Ann McQuillan (16/11adj) 21pts c/b

34 played N/Q Par 51 CSS N/A

Ladies Spring League week.1 -13h Monty

Sat 4th Jan. & Wed 8th Jan. 2020

1st Hilda Carr 35 (25) 24 pts
2nd Ciara Greenwood 15 (11) 24 pts c/b
3rd Sheelagh Griffin 26 (19) 23 pts

26 played NQ Par 52 CSS n/a

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