Ladies Competition Results 2020

Ladies Spring League week.7 -12h O’Meara

Wed 19th Feb. 2020

12h Singles Stfd. O’Meara

1st Philippa Lynch 11 (7) 25 pts

5 played NQ Par 51 CSS n/a
No Saturday players

Ladies Spring League week.6 -12h O’Meara

Sat 8th & Wed 12th Feb. 2020

1st Nora Dowley 28(19) 24pts*
2nd Anne Crofton 16(11) 22pts* c/b
3rd Mary McGaver 26 (17) 22pts c/b

• Both 1st and 2nd plyers had D/H applied before placings made
19 played NQ Par 51 CSS n/a

Ladies Spring League week.5 -11h Monty

Sat.1st & Wed 5th Feb. 2020

1st Niamh Wallace 23(14) 21pts
2nd Sheelagh Griffin 26 (16) 20pts c/b
3rd Anne Crofton 20 (10) 20pts

31 played CSS 44 N/Q

Ladies Spring League week.4 -12h O’Meara

Sat 25th & Wed 29th Jan. 2020

1st Margaret O’Loughlin (22/15adj) 23pts c/b
2nd Siobhan Plunkett (17/11adj) 23pts c/b
3rd Emer Sherlock (35/23adj) 23pts

Domestic h/c applied which affected placing of player with highest score

36 played NQ Par 51 CSS n/a

Ladies Spring League week.3 -11h Monty

Wed 22st Jan 2020

1st Xhemi Rama (6/4adj) 20pts
2nd Deb Cartwright (33/20adj) 19pts
3rd Lesley Doyle (34/21adj) 18pts

25 played: Par 44 CSS N/A

Ladies Spring League week.2 -12h O’Meara

Sat 11th; Sun 12th & 1Wed 5th Jan 2020

1st Nora Dowley (28/19ad) 22 pts
2nd Ciara Greenwood (15/10adj) 21 pts c/b
3rd Ann McQuillan (16/11adj) 21pts c/b

34 played N/Q Par 51 CSS N/A

Ladies Spring League week.1 -13h Monty

Sat 4th Jan. & Wed 8th Jan. 2020

1st Hilda Carr 35 (25) 24 pts
2nd Ciara Greenwood 15 (11) 24 pts c/b
3rd Sheelagh Griffin 26 (19) 23 pts

26 played NQ Par 52 CSS n/a

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