Carton House GC - Men’s
Club - Terms of Competition

(Effective 29 June, 2020 until further notice)

The following steps apply in order to safeguard the health of members playing in competitions and of Competition Committee members administering those competitions.

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1.       Before your competition round

Competition sign-in – members                                                                

i.         Must sign in prior to beginning the round                                                                  

ii.           Must use the HowDidiDo smartphone app or website to do so                                                        

iii.           May sign in from 18.00 on the evening prior to the round (this will help to avoid / minimise performance issues with the app and/or website)                                                                  

iv.           Failure to comply with the above will mean that members will not be considered to have entered in the competition, and therefore not eligible for competition prizes or handicap adjustments).

Competition Scorecard – DO NOT EXCHANGE YOUR SCORECARD AT ANY POINT WITH YOUR PLAYING PARTNERS                                      

i.     Collect physical scorecard from the designated point at/in the golf shop                                                   

ii.     Complete the following on the scorecard in PRINT style– 

1.       For yourself (player A)– COMPETITION

2.       For the player whose score you’re recording / verifying (Player B - PLAYER B NAME & HANDICAP

3.       For the player who’s recording / verifying your score – PRINT their name in the MARKER’S SIGNATURE
box (In a 3-ball, this will be Player C; in a 4-ball, this will be Player B)

During your competition round

Scorecard completion                                             

i.           Record your own strokes and stableford scores                                           

ii.           Record the strokes and stableford scores of Player B (one of your playing partners).

II.       O
n the course                                         

iii.      Tee-box – do not approach the next tee-box if the group ahead have not left it                                         

iv.         Bunkers – mark your ball, clean it, place within 6 inches of that mark not nearer the hole, play your shot, then smooth the sand with your club / foot (Note –
smoothing of sand is NOT allowed prior to playing your shot). 

v.          Flagstick – do not touch the flagstick.

3.       After your competition round

Scorecard completion & return –                                                  

Total your strokes & stableford points scores

Verify the details with your playing partner who recorded your score
on their card

Total the strokes and stableford points for Player B and agree these
with Player B

Sign your own scorecard, and PRINT the name of your playing partner
who verified your score

v.     Input your score into the smartphone app and place your physical scorecard into the designated competition box / bin.                                                            

vi.     If inputting your score into the smartphone app is an issue, due to the app performance or if you don’t have a smartphone, take a photo of the scorecard before putting it into the designated box / bin, and input it into the app or the website
once you return home 

vii.     Scores must be inputted, either via the HowDidiDo app or website, no later than 22.00 on the day of competition.                                                        

viii.    Failure to return scorecards to the designated box / bin, and input scores into the app or onto the website by 22.00 will be treated as a NO RETURN of a scorecard. Due to its impact on CSS calculation, such instances will result in warnings / penalties being imposed. 

Seamus Lynch - Competitions Secretary - on behalf of Competitions Committee & Men’s Committee

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