Men's Committee 2022

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Mens Committee 2022

Vice CaptainAllen
Club SecretaryJohn
Competitions SecretarySeamus
Handicap SecretaryGerry
Inter Club Co-OrdinatorKillian O'
Junior ConvenorAustin
Social SecretaryAdrian
Ex OfficioPat
Ordinary MemberAdrian Guckian
Ordinary MemberAlan Leavy
Ordinary MemberPauric O'Leary

January 2022 Minutes

Minutes Men’s Club Committee Meeting, 10th January

Attendees Present: 
Jason Totos (guest and present for initial update to committee), Pat Doyle, Sheamus Considine, Allen Corcoran, Tom Healy, John Ennis, Paul Mullarkey, Seamus Thompson, Paul Mimnagh, Vinnie Lyons, Martin Duncan, Gerry Murray 
Not Present: TJ Kelly, Ronan Heavey, Steve Greenwood 

(1) Carton House update (2) Secretary update 

(3) Reports: Competitions 

(4) Reports: WHS & Handicaps 

(5) Reports: Finance 

(6) Reports: Social 

(7) Reports: Interclub 

(8) Reports: Juniors 

(9) Communications: Next planned 

(10) AOB 

Carton Updates 

  • 14 new members joining for 2022 so far. 
  • Projects for 2022 being confirmed right now with the owners 
  • Compressor issues resolved this week 
  • Upgrade happening to the vaulted lounge. It will continue to be a take away service primarily but will have seating inside now for members to use 
  • New buggy fleet due in April 
  • New sand bags were ordered and due in this week. Will go back out on the first tee boxes 
  • Paul Mullarkey raised the degradation of the surface on the O’Meara should be monitored ahead of next season. Especially after the conditions last week. A higher level of divots on the courses and it should be noted in the next comms, in addition to emphasise use of the sandbags to help repair the course 

Monthly Reports - Secretary (Allen Corcoran) 

  • Golf Ireland Leinster branch AGM scheduled for Jan 26th
  • Survey plans. 
  • Survey questions completed now and the goal is to get it out to members in the coming week after a series of test runs with the committee. The goal will be to have results back and compiled by the end of January.
  • All committee members asked to start preparing their annual reports for the AGM.
  • Communication of the AGM to go out to the membership this week and a paper notification to be posted on a notice board in Carton on/before next weekend

Monthly Reports - WHS & Handicaps (Gerry Murray)

  • New members announced to the committee

Monthly Reports - Competitions (Tom Healy)
  • Continue to look and assess alternate systems to Clubv1
  • Tom Healy confirmed all prize credits for winners in 2021 competitions now allocated, including the mathplays which ran into December before completing.
  • Committee agreed we need to ask Carton to rename the MOBs slots on Monday as something like ‘Mens Seniors / MOBs’ to secure the slots as mens club slots even though the competition itself is independently run

Monthly Reports - Finance (Seamus Thompson)

  • Accounts almost ready for submission to accountants.
  • Good progress was made this week with the Carton Finance team. The last updates due from the committee leads in various areas to completion. On track to have completed ahead of AGM

Monthly Reports - Comms (Martin Duncan)

  • Martin to get out an update to members with regards to plans for remaining prize giving for 2021 events. It was agreed to now target the Captains drive in as the best event to present last year's remaining trophies and medals.

Monthly Reports - Interclub

  • Martin Duncan issued minutes to Allen of the November interclub get together. Allen will forward to the committee tomorrow and a number of the discussed initiatives to be reviewed and started as soon as possible ahead of the new interclub season.
  • Registration for Interclub team for 2022 due out from Golf Ireland this week


  • Several amendments are being actively worked through the constitution to cater for 5 day members. These amendments are being prepared currently for inclusion at the AGM for ratification. Allen Corcoran and John Ennis preparing.
  • Keith Egan and Marc Boucher have both being successful in getting onto the international squad for 2022 and will have their levies waived to the men's club.
  • Succession of committee members for 2022 discussed and ongoing. 3 new nominations ratified by the committee:
    Austin Boyle,  Killian O'Flynn, Seamus Lynch

February 2022 Minutes

Minutes Men’s Club Committee Meeting, 7th February

Attendees Present:
Jason Totos (guest and present for initial update to committee), Pat Doyle, Sheamus Considine, Allen Corcoran, John Ennis, Paul Mullarkey, Seamus Thompson, Paul Mimnagh, Vinnie Lyons, Martin Duncan, Gerry Murray,TJ Kelly, Ronan Heavey, Steve Greenwood

Not Present:
Tom Healy

(1) Carton House update
(2) Secretary update
(3) Reports: Competitions
(4) Reports: WHS & Handicaps
(5) Reports: Finance
(6) Reports: Social
(7) Reports: Interclub
(8) Reports: Juniors
(9) Communications: Next planned
(10) AOB

Carton Updates

  • Renewals. About 30 not renewing and remaining 40 to be confirmed yet
  • 5 people have currently signed up for 5 day members
  • 30 new members joining for 2022 so far
  • Carriage House going back to 7 day. Jason planning to send out a details communication in coming week with this and other updates
  • Tee times moved to 8:30 as requested and will move earlier as light permits

Monthly Reports - Secretary (Allen Corcoran)
  • All AGM pre reads including reports, financials, minutes have been issued on the website
  • Communication of the AGM has gone out to the membership last week
  • Renewed a monthly licence for GotoWebinar for the virtual AGM
  • Allen asked that all committee members who were presenting and were comfortable to do so, be in physical attendance in the room for the AGM presentation

Monthly Reports - WHS & Handicaps (Gerry Murray)
  • 24 New members announced to the committee
  • Gerry has been in contact with the Newlands captain who just went through a complete golf systems change in 2021. He has offered to share their lessons learned on their experience

Monthly Reports - Competitions
  • Diary now fixed.
  • Brian Cunningham is now generating an electronic version of the diary for members to download to their calendars. Will aim to get compiled and delivered before the end of Feb.

Monthly Reports - Finance (Seamus Thompson)
  • Accounts draft will be updated tomorrow on the website with the final set of accounts. Can now also add team breakdowns additionally to the final draft
  • Seamus is eager to bring about new processes for expenses across the club and organise monthly reviews with the new Carton finance team. This will be an initiative brought forward to the new incoming committee.

Monthly Reports - Interclub
Killian O’Flynn and TJ have entered the following teams into interclubs this year and are now in the process of beginning recruitment of managers. 

NOTE: Straffan Cup not yet open

  • Senior Cup
  • Junior Cup
  • Metropolitan Cup
  • Barton Shield
  • Barton Cup
  • Jimmy Bruen Shield
  • Pierce Purcell Shield
  • All Ireland Four Ball
  • Fred Perry
  • Duggan Cup
  • Straffan Cup *
  • Mixed Foursomes
  • Boys Interclub
  • Boys Fred Daly
  • Boys Foursomes
  • Boys U15 Leinster

Reset passwords and create new committee users to be coordinated with Allen and TJ post the AGM next week


  • Bursary scheme for 2022 to be reviewed (Captain Pat and Seamus Thompson to review with John Ennis)
  • Updated proposal to be brought forward to the next committee meeting
  • Conor Stone Request
  • Conor plans to play his first full year in the EDGA series of events, 3 of those on the schedule will require qualification, the European team championships and then the possible European Tour Co Sanctioned Events. He has a realistic shot at representing Ireland in the European Team Championships
  • Committee to review as part of also reviewing the bursary scheme, how they might be able to support Conor in his year

March 2022 Minutes

Meeting Date: March 14th 2022. Time: 7.00pm
Venue: Leinster Boardroom– Carton House

Attendees Present:
Jason Totos (guest and present for initial update to committee), Pat Doyle, Sheamus Considine, John Ennis, Seamus Thompson, Paul Mimnagh, Gerry Murray, Seamus Lynch, Killian O’Flynn, Adrian Murphy, Adrian Guckian, Austin Boyle, Padraic O’Leary

Not Present: Allen Corcoran, Alan Leavy

Carton Updates 

Jason outlined some expected changes to the entrance gates which will provide more security for members, and guests. He was also very hopeful that news on the 2022 capital expenditure plan could be presented soon – already John Plummer was very happy that he had the go ahead for replacement machinery for the course. White tees would be available for the Drive In. New Bag Tags, and renewal packs could be ready for the Captains Drive in also. A new approach to the fescue grass maintenance is being trialed. He also announced Colm Breen was leaving and the committee expresses their thanks to Colm and wished him well in his new endeavours.

Captain’s Drive In

Adrian Murphy presented the plans for the day and announced also that some music had been arranged for the Carriage House as players arrived back in from golf. Drive in is scheduled for 10.30am on March 26th and AM explained the timesheet was filling up nicely.


Seamus Lynch introduced some new competition rules and arrangements, announced the resumption of the foresome matchplay event, and presented some changes to the prize fund distribution. These changes will be posted to the member’s website. SL also announced that he will create a new 9 hole strokes competition when daylight allows it for Tuesday or Thursday evenings.


Seamus Thompson outlined the proposed 2022 budget for income and expenditure – an increase in prize fund distribution was noted-  brought about by creating more categories (5 versus 4) and a new senior’s prize (for over over 60’s) category

New Software Project

Killian O’ Flynn gave a brief update on the subcommittee meeting which is discussing possible changes from Club V1 to a new software solution. This group will meet on a regular basis to consider all elements required and bring their findings back to the committee.


Gerry Murray informed the meeting that there were 10 new applications for membership of the Mens’ Club – he will also arrange when daylight extends into the evening that the social evenings for new members will be introduced – Alan Leavy and Paul Mimnagh will assist.

Course convener

A new role – Course Convenor was suggested by Captain Sheamus Considine who would liaise with John Plummer along with Jason Totos. Padraic O’Leary agreed to accept this role which will help us to understand the various programmes for each course and allow more information flow to the membership.


It was agreed that a review should be undertaken on the Bursary Scheme to ensure it was still fit for purpose.

Next Meeting date is set for April 11th at 19.00 hrs.

April 2022 Minutes

April 11th 2022 Minutes
Venue: Leinster Boardroom – Carton House

Attendees Present: Jason Totos (guest and present for initial update to committee), Allen Corcoran, Pat  Doyle, Sheamus Considine, John Ennis, Seamus Thompson, Paul  Mimnagh, Gerry Murray, Seamus Lynch, Adrian Murphy. 

Apologies from : Austin Boyle, Adrian Guckian, Padraic  O’Leary, Killian O Flynn 

1) Carton / Fairmont Updates  Jason Totos confirmed that all the member packs are now available for  collection in the Pro Shop. The hollow coring/sanding of the greens was  now complete and would yield benefits in the coming season. Other  maintenance work (.e.g. painting of half way houses) would be  completed soon. The registration of all buggies (Fairmont and residents)  has now been completed. European Tour Design will complete a survey  of the courses and that report might lead to some design changes in the  future. The Committee discussed with Jason various suggestions how  members could be asked to help maintain the courses including sand  bags, divot replacements and signage and Jason took that feedback  away 

Jason also reported that the warm up area opening in two weeks after a  planned exercise of verti-draining is completed to improve drainage.

2) Interclub Teams 

Killian reported by email that a total of 16 teams had been entered from  Carton House with the senior cup team kicking off on May 8th against  Stackstown. More than 120 members have expressed an interest in  participating. He still needs managers for the Barton Cup and  Metropolitan Trophy teams. Paul to put out a comms on this. 

A general discussion took place about the need to replace the purple shirt for interclub teams. It was agreed that the team colours should  migrate to a blue soft collar shirt and this could be matched up with the  current black jacket, and a grey trousers. Jason will undertake to try to  have these in place for the start of the inter club campaign. 

3) Software Project 

A discussion on this topic was deferred. Allen Corcoran undertook to  arrange a meeting of the various parties involved and to meet in  advance of our committee meeting and prepare a report on the scope  and steps in this project 

4) Finances  

Seamus Thompson announced that the reconciliation of the  income/expenditure between Fairmont and the Men’s club would be  completed within 2 weeks. 

He also reported that the invoice for Golf  Ireland fees had been received and there was a small discrepancy  between their numbers (men and ladies combined) and our own count – he would try to resolve before the next meeting. 

5) Competitions 

Seamus Lynch reviewed the Captain’s Drive in and especially the open  draw format and all agreed it was a very successful format and might be used again in the future esp. if the new software allowed. 

He also  reported that he was in consultation with Jason about the Vice Captains  prize to optimise the number of golfers who could participate. Friday  afternoon would be used for golfers with that flexibility. There was strong demand for the weekend competitions and a close watch would be kept  to ensure that all golfers could participate. 

Matchplay draws have been made and will be posted on line. 

6) Juniors 

Austin Boyle had reported by email that there was very little activity but  that in May their busy agenda for the season would kick off. 

7) Handicaps 

Gerry Murray informed the meeting that there were 3 new applications  for membership of the Mens’ Club. Gerry also reported that Joe Lavin  had agreed to replace John Ennis on the handicap sub-committee. 

8) Communications 

Paul Mimnagh was congratulated on the prompt response to requests  for various communications to be sent out and all agreed that 1 or 2  comms per week was probably the ideal. Paul also informed the meeting  about the new member evenings – the BRS time slots are now open for  the evenings of May 3, May 17 and May 31. 

9) AOB 

The Bursary Scheme has been reviewed and Paul Mullarkey had agreed  to act as the administrator of the scheme. A limit of 5k Euro was agreed  for this financial year and if expenses presented were higher than that – a proportionate cut would be put in place to stay within the limit. 

Allen Corcoran asked committee members to review the member  website and let him have updates to reflect the various changes that had  taken place  

Next Meeting date is set for May 9th at 19.00 hrs.

May 2022 Minutes

May 9th 2022 Minutes

Attendees Present:
Sheamus Considine, Allen Corcoran, John Ennis, Seamus Thompson, Paul Mimnagh, Gerry Murray, Seamus Lynch, Adrian Murphy. Killian O’Flynn, Alan Leavy

Apologies from : Pat Doyle, Padraic O’Leary, Jason Totos

The Minutes of the meeting held on April 11th were accepted. Proposer Sheamus Considine and Seconded by Allen Corcoran.

1) Carton / Fairmont Updates
Since Jason was not present, there was no update from Carton House/Fairmont – Gerry Murray did inform the meeting that the owner John Mullen was present at Carton during the previous week.
Hopefully he or a representative can be present for the President’s Prize weekend.

2) Communications
Paul Mimnagh that his regular communications were being sent to over 600 members and being opened by about 450 members. He will include some information about teams performances in the future – but it was acknowledged that the content was very informative and helpful – especially for new members. He will endeavour to send a substantial comms. out towards end of each week and other shorter
ones as the occasion demanded.

3) Interclub Teams
Killian O’Flynn gave a very comprehensive report on the various teams who were in action already or in preparation. His action plan was welcomed by the committee and was a very good template for the current year but also for future successful entries. At present he reckoned there were more than 150 members involved and he was especially mindful that any members who did not make final selection for 1 team could be considered for other teams if eligible. 150 out of 600 members was considered a very strong representation involved in teams. Recent success for the Seniors was noted although the All Ireland fourball tasted defeat v K Club. There were some very late withdrawals from this team which may not have helped and it was
hoped this could be avoided in the future.

4) Software Project Update
Killian O’Flynn explained that the sub-committee had a meeting arranged for Tuesday to kick off the task.

5) Finances
Seamus Thompson reported that some good work had been done on reconciling affairs between Fairmont and the Men’s Club and would come to a conclusion during next week. In the meantime an interim payment had been received from Fairmont. There had been some payments made recently to Golfing Ireland for memberships and also
for team entries.

6) Men’s Away Trips
Discussion then ensued with Adrian Murphy who hopes to organise a day trip to Baltray in Co. Louth with a bus trip starting from Carton House. More details later.

The committee established a protocol covering official Men’s Club Away trips. A clear separation was made between official Carton House Men’ Club trips and away trips which might be organised privately by members. The committee sanctioned events should take into account the clubs purpose and charter at all times. It was agreed that the secretary should inform anyone running unofficial trips to ensure adherence to this new guideline.

7) Proposed Council Meeting
It was agreed that a Council meeting be arranged asap with the other constituents to discuss various matters of importance. It was noted that the Ladies Club had an interest as well in this happening. The Captain will arrange this with Jason at a suitable time for all.

8) Handicaps
Gerry Murray reported that 6 new members and 2 new corporates had applied since last meeting. He explained also that Club V1 still has difficulties aligning players who already have another club handicap with the Carton House member number and frequently it meant a manual adjustment - otherwise the new member will be treated as an away member.

9) Competitions
Seamus Lynch reported on competitions explaining all was running smoothly and that the extra times in the morning would be welcome. He will look at running a fourball and foresome competition some weekend to all members compete in that format. He reported that opening up the times early on Friday for the Vice Captains Prize meant that all those times were taken up – thereby reducing the pressure for Saturday times.

10) Juniors
Austin Boyle told the meeting that a full programme was now underway for juniors with some noteworthy performances for some juniors in representative events. There is now an agreement with the Junior girls section that some joint events with Junior boys would open up for those girls with advanced handicaps.

11) AOB
Allen Corcoran asked all to bring to his attention any updates they need on the website or changes where information is not current.

Allen Corcroan also informed that there was also a need to organise an awards presentation for many of the competitions held during Covid. This has been set for Friday, June 10th.

Alan Leavy is checking our GDPR policy that may need to be updated in relation to Golf Ireland directives.

Austin Boyle also brought to the meeting’s attention issues that may need to be addressed re Junior players where the parent is no longer a member.

Next Meeting date is set for June 13th at 19.00 hrs.

June 2022 Minutes

Meeting held in person, June 13th 2022.

Attendees Present:
Sheamus Considine, Allen Corcoran, John Ennis, Seamus Thompson, , Seamus Lynch, Pat Doyle, Adrian Guckian, Adrian Murphy, Killian O’Flynn, Alan Leavy, Austin Boyle

Apologies from:
Padraic O Leary, Paul Mimnagh, Gerry Murray

The Minutes of the meeting held on May 9th were accepted. Proposer Sheamus Considine and Seconded by Allen Corcoran.

1) Carton / Fairmont Updates
Jason Totos informed the meeting that applications for membership had now closed. He also indicated that the preparation of the pantry area was now almost complete and would be opening soon. He explained that there was a pump issue at the toilets on the 9th O’ Meara which he hoped would be repaired very soon.

On the courses side, he expected that new range equipment, distance ,markers and new course furniture would arrive shortly and that a group from European Tour Design would be present in early July to consider suitable changes to the course design to assist with future proofing the course.

2) Interclub Teams
Killian O’Flynn gave a very comprehensive report on the various teams who were in action already or in preparation. Some very good results overall and more team wins compared to losses – it augurs well. Many of the teams are back in action in the immediate future. Everyone wished Killian and his teams well. 

There was a complaint which Killian drew to the attention of the committee. A complaint has been received from a member of the club relating to the All-Ireland Fourball competition. The complainant requested that the committee investigate the circumstances whereby the club conceded a game in a match against the K-Club. The premise of the complaint is that the complainant had expressed an interest in playing in the competition and would have been available to play if asked. A preliminary investigation found that one of the five games in the match had been conceded due to the illness of a player on match day. The manager was unable to secure a suitable replacement within the required timeframe. The complainant would not have been a suitable replacement because the combined handicap of the two players would have exceeded the competition regulations. The overall match was lost 4-1. As such, the conceded match did not determine the final outcome. The lessons learned include that the selected team and reserves should be notified at least three days before the match and that unselected players should also be notified about the team selection. These lessons will be incorporated into the end-of-season report for inter-club competitions, in addition, they shall be notified to team managers with team still active in this year’s completion.

3) Software Project Update
Killian O’Flynn explained that the work was ongoing on this important task, that the subcommittee assigned had met up in the past month and that he hoped to have report back for next meeting.

4) Finances
Seamus Thompson reported that some good progress had been made on the reconciliation between Fairmount and Carton Mens Club and also that a down payment had already been received. He indicated that a conclusion would be forthcoming in the near future.

5) Men’s Away Trips
Adrian Murphy confirmed that a trip had been arranged for June 24th to County Louth golf club and he expected that up to 32 players would make the trip.

6) Proposed Council Meeting
The Captain will arrange this with Jason at a suitable time for all.

7) Handicaps
Gerry Murray in his absence sent in a report which indicated that 10 new applications for membership had been received since the last meeting and accepted by Fairmount. They have been added to the member list.

8) Competitions
Seamus Lynch reported on competitions explaining all was running smoothly.

9) Juniors
Austin Boyle reported that the Junior programme was running well with some good results being posted. With the holiday season now upcoming, he expected a big increase in activity.

10) AOB
Allen Corcoran asked all to bring to his attention any updates they need on the website or changes where information is not current.

Alan Leavy is checking our GDPR policy that may need to be updated in relation to Golf Ireland directives. A sub group agreed to meet in the coming month on his findings.

Next Meeting date is set for July 11th at 19.00 hrs.

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