Ready Golf

Some suggestions that will help speed up play.

  • Keep up with the group in front of you, not in front of the group behind you 
  • Be ready to hit when the group in front moves to the next shot 
  • If there is a delay then with the agreement of your playing partners the player who is ready should hit first or if you are sure you will not reach or come close to the group in front, then shorter hitters may hit while longer hitters are waiting. 
  • Pick up if you cannot score on the hole (Stableford, V- Par & Match play) 
  • Hit a provisional ball if your ball may be in trouble – don’t forget to say it is a provisional! 
  • Have your group watch where your ball goes. 
  • If the ball is lost then other players should generally play first before coming to help look for the lost ball.
  • 5 minutes is the absolute maximum under the rules of golf to look for a ball. This is measured from the time the first member of the group starts looking for the ball. One member of the group should measure when the time starts and call time when 5 minutes has lapsed.
  • If the group behind is waiting when starting to look for a ball, consider calling them through. 
  • Place your clubs between the green and the next tee
  • Get ready to putt before it is your turn. Study your putt and fix your pitch mark (and others if you have the time) while you’re playing partner is preparing to putt or if possible (not in someone’s eye line) while they are putting 
  • Where possible continue putting until holed out 
  • The first player in the hole picks up the flag 
  • Move quickly off the green, record scores, replace clubs, head covers etc at the next tee while waiting to tee off

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