Lady Emily Cup is for players of handicap index up to 24.4

Lady Louise Cup  is for players of handicap index  of 24.5 upwards

1. Matches are to be played, preferably, on the O'Meara course

2. The player on top of the draw must arrange the match
Player must offer at least 2 dates / times on which to play the match

3. Please adhere to dates on the top of the page

4. Players shall play off their CURRENT handicap in any round

5. Results of ALL matches to be immediately texted to Mary McGaver 087 2211 023
Results will be notified, on the dedicated whatsapp group, as matches progress

6. Please check frequently for information in the Lady Emily whatsapp

7. Members requiring contact numbers, please phone the Golf Shop 01 - 651 7722.

For queries / problems, TEXT Mary McGaver 087 2211023 - Admin. Matchplay 2022

IMPORTANT NOTE: Players must agree walkover - or any other changes -
with Mary McGaver, before proceeding.
Failure to adhere to this requirement may result in one or both players
being Disqualified from this competition


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